How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life Quotes

I thoroughly believe in crying, yelling, pulling my hair out, and experiencing heartache, BUT once I’m done I dissect the pain and learn lessons from it.

A Bawse knows that if you want to be taken seriously, you need to show people who you are, and then keep showing them.

Humans have a tendency to overcomplicate simple things because we overthink them. But if you take a step back and remember your priorities, it becomes easier to make a decision.

Think of discomfort as currency- it’s the price you pay to learn some pretty crucial things.

Mistakes don’t exist just to make us feel bad about ourselves; they are opportunities that we should not ignore or shy away from.

Words lie; actions can lie too. Consistency speaks the truth.

The universe might respect the law of attraction, but it respects a good hustle even more.

Pain is good. Heartache is good. These things will provide you with knowledge that will help you grow and deal with future struggles. To waste a painful moment and let emption overwhelm you so much that you gain absolutely no insight is to get hurt inefficiently.

So if you’re drowning, keep your life jacket on and fight. But once you’re able to swim, don’t convince yourself you forgot how to. Take your life jacket off, front-crawl your way to the shore, walk off that beach, and set your GPS to the top of a hill, because you WILL conquer the climb.